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FIAT PANDA (169_) 1.2 - Engine Control Module (ECM) - Purchasing data sheets for Fiat Panda 169, how to order pay and download the PDF

  • no connecto to ECU need location and wiring PDF
Help, this site is very hard to navigate, it does not not easily allow a customer to purchase anything apart from the unit. Yet you say you sell PDF file for various needs, well I need Location and wiring PDF if the wiring does show the ECU to Central Elelectric leads,sockets plug and pin number si each socket
It is me just being very dim today or is this site desined by high grade IT savy people for IT savy people and never beta tested on an idiot like me, Any help to get me these items, yes happy to pay for info but just can not see how. Thanks, Mick
Created: May 9, 2016, 6:08:51 PM
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May 9, 2016, 7:04:47 PM Fenni-Fenni
Hello Mick, in the Top of this site you can see "Diagnosis, Shop and Community.
Click on Community and scroll in the new Window to the bottom.
Here you can see the Manufacturer Symbols in the board of brands. Click on the FIAT Symbol.
Now in the new window you have to click in the right side on your type of car.
Also means Panda, before you could see this, click on the small "see more..", then you´ll find Panda, click on this.
After this you must select the Panda 169, click on it.
Then Comes a new Windows nad you must scroll some down, if you see the wiring diagrams then click on it.
Now you can chose your "Fuel preparation". select this and it should open, because you must sell this Diagram.
So, i think that i could help you.

Team autoaid

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