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PEUGEOT 607 (9D, 9U) 2.0 HDi - Engine Control Module (ECM) - 1112

  • engyne stop
when you go to road engine stop
Created: Sep 30, 2016, 8:58:47 AM
Diagnoses: 20
Sep 30, 2016, 2:17:21 PM Fenni-Fenni
Hello, thanks for your question in THW autoaid Community. This fault Code means: Rail pressure Control
This could be a fault by the pressure Control valve or the pressure Sensor.
But, when the Rail pressure Control is logged, then there is the fault to search.
Sometimes is this controller the faulty Element. Look also for the wires from ecu to the pressure control valve.
The best procedure for this is the correct wiring diagram.

Team autoaid

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