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SKODA FABIA (6Y2) 1.2 - Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) - 65535

  • it will not reset airbag light, it says possible cause ignition off, low battery voltage or plug not inserted correctly. a
it will not reset the airbag light. it says possible cause low battery voltage not connected properly. it is connecte dproperly and bettery is good, ignition is also on
Created: Jun 3, 2016, 4:00:01 PM
Diagnoses: 22
Jun 3, 2016, 4:08:25 PM Fenni-Fenni
Hello Robinzulu, thanks for your question in autoaid community.
Your described fault Code isn´t good.. it means: 65535 control unit defective
You can check the Fuses and Battery Plus and Minus at the Control Unit.
If there is all okay, then you have to renew the Control unit.
Sorry, i would like to say better words to you, but the fault Code is unique for this..

Team autoaid

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