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CITROËN C3 I (FC_) 1.4 16V - Engine Control Module (ECM) - 0141

  • 0141
Created: Oct 24, 2016, 2:10:22 PM
Diagnoses: 5
Oct 25, 2016, 8:40:03 PM Fenni-Fenni
Hello and thanks for your question in the autoaid Community. Your described fault Code means: ACCORDING TO CATALYST LAMBDASOND HEATER CONTROL - CIRCUIT BREAKER, SHORT-CIRCUIT ACCORDING TO BATTERY, OR CONNECTION
Enclose the battery and measure the wires to the battery and to ground. Measure to both sides to check the short cut. This should be with the correct wiring diagram.

If there is already okay, then you have to renew the lambdasond after the catalytic converter.

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